My Word For 2015

My Word For 2015_Chloe Thea



I’m looking up at my calendar as I’m writing this post – hrm, it seems to be late February already! – I think to myself. Is it too late to post about my word for 2015 if we’re already one sixth of the way through the year?


I quickly dismiss the thought and tune into a mantra that goes a little something like this instead : : :


// it’s never too late to be intentional


// it’s never too late to ‘start over’


// it’s never too late to be guided by a word, a phrase or a mantra.


Which brings me to my word(s) for 2015 : : : :


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Reminder To Self: Everything Isn’t Pinterest Perfect – Notes On Moving Interstate + Pictures From Our New House

Everything isn’t Pinterest Perfect


Well hello there lovely lady! It feels so damn good to be back again, sharing from this space and carving out time to create to just write, feel and be.


And though we’re already well and truly settled into 2015 (oh hey there, February!) I wanted to catch you all up on our happenings of late including details on our big move and yes, even some piccies of our new digs!



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You Can Go Your Own Way – 2014 Wrap Up

You Can Go Your Own Way 2015 Wrap Up



I’ve been resisting writing this post for – oh, I don’t know, the last month or so! – because writing ‘it’ would all seem so final and big and definitive.


My train of thought? Once I’d written this post, 2014 was well and truly O.V.E.R.


Resistance to the max, my friend.


I also kind of hate the – obligation, perhaps? – that’s placed upon bloggers and writers alike to sum up the past year in a mere few paragraphs.


How do you even begin to summarise all the ideas, people, practices, and things you’ve experienced throughout the year? How do you jot down all the little moments, condense the stories and package ‘your year’ into a perfectly edited and airbrushed blog post?


The beauty of running an online platform like this one is that you can make choices that feel light and freeing, and so my love, my 2014 wrap up post will be a little different to most.


Not every story in this post will be a highlight.


Not every snippet will be perfectly written (or edited, or Photoshopped for that matter).


But each will have a purpose.


An imperfectly authentic message.


And each will tell a story about my 2014.


Here we go…

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How To Say No If You’ve Always Said Yes

How To Say No If You’ve Always Said Yes post image


Yup – I’ve always, always been a yes person. Ever since I was a little girl I had a strong need to get involved with absolutely everything. Student Council Rep, the swim team, the track team, the netball team, the school band, school choir – you name it, I was there (in the front row too, probably).


And, as I ‘grew up’ this trait stuck faithfully by my side. For a good few years, this ‘yes’ mentality led me to all sorts of wonderful opportunities – interning, interior design experience, house painting, babysitting, event coordinator, cake decorator.


It was incredible and led me to a raft of new opportunities, – but as time wore on I found myself getting sicker, weaker and more exhausted, I realised I had to stop saying ‘yes’ to every damn opportunity and request that shone my way. I had to learn how to say ‘no’.

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How To Say No To A Social Commitment Without Sounding Like A Total Bitch




The sun is out, the tan slicks on and the weather gets warmer – yup, it’s summertime down in my little neck of the woods and I couldn’t be happier.


For me, summer equals cold smoothies, long walks with girlfriends and getting watermelon juice all over my cheeks as I devour the whole slice immediately – hazy, smiley and a whole lot more fun.


But with the weather heating up and the days growing longer, there becomes more and more pressure to fill up every.inch. of our calendars with social commitments. Soon enough a Friday night in watching a movie with a bowl of coconut oil popcorn seems downright dull in comparison to Friday night drinks at a new hipster bar.


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10 Easy Time Management Hacks You Can Implement Today

10 Easy Time Management Hacks You Can Implement Today

When clients come to see me, they often say things like:


I’m a lost cause when it comes to time management”




“I just don’t understand the concept of time”


or maybe even a little


“the whole time management thing is just too overwhelming – where on earth would I even start?”


The answer?


Start here, where you are right now, in this very moment.


I’m on a mission to help big-hearted creative that time management isn’t all about scheduling and To Do Lists and task prioritisation. Sure, that stuff certainly comes into it, but time management is also about making time or yourself and putting your personality into your routine.





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What Does Intention Setting Have To Do With Time Management?

What Does Intention Setting Have To Do With Time Management?


When most people think about time management, they think about organisation, lists, squeezing more time out of thin air, priorities, charts and most of all, pushing and pushing and pushing.


When I think about time management, I think about ritual, white space, gaining clarity, intense bouts of focus, breaks (yes breaks!) and calmness.





From a holistic time management perspective – a helluva lot.


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