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How To Stay Energised In The Office

How To Stay Energised In The Office post image

As much as I ADORE the internet and all it has given me (this online platform being one, access to a trillion raw dessert recipes being another), I really freakin’ HATE how my body feels after being at a computer all day.


Hunched shoulders. Stagnant hips. Oncoming tension headache. Strained Eyes.


Sound familiar?


If you’ve ever had a job where you’ve been required to sit at a computer for 90% of the time, then you’ll feel me. (And if you’re like pretty much anyone I know, you’ll come home and spend more time in front of a screen too – whether that’s blogging, researching, studying or just even chilling out and watching the latest ep of Orange Is The New Black).


That’s why it’s more important than EVEr to make sure that you’re m-o-v-i-n-g the stagnant energy in your body so you can stay energised in the office.


(BONUS: These tips may make you a nicer human being in the process!).



The 5 Minute Dinner – Tuna Nicoise Salad

The Five minute Dinner_Chloe Thea_The Lunch Break Project

Dinner in 5 minutes – pfft, yeah right…


WRONG – it can be done!!


Give me 5 minutes and just a handful of fresh ingredients, I guarantee you’ll have a delicious, nutritious meal – a Tuna Nicoise Salad – sitting on your countertop in basically no time (bonus points if you can pour  yourself a glass of white in that time frame, too).


Now, this isn’t a strict Tuna Nicoise Salad, it’s an abridged version – but it’s ranks very highly on the Healthy and Tasty scale.


Your 5 minute dinner starts…NOW!


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Welcome to The Lunch Break Project

The Lunch Break Project Announcement | Chloe Thea



For a little while now (probably a tad longer than I’d like to admit!) things have been feeling a little ‘icky’ around here. This space o’ mine had felt off, misshapen and too far from my truth.


I’d been struggling – big time – with how to get clear on my message, my purpose and my direction with this online space.


Did I need to journal more? Declutter my wardrobe? (Undoubtably one of the most underrated tools on the planet BTW!). Dance myself out of my rut? OR – maybe did I just needed to trust the process?


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It’s Time To Blog Your Heart Out – Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted Is Here

It’s Time To Blog Your Heart Out – Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted Is Here post image



If you’ve been following along in these parts for a while, you’ll know that I’m a *big* fan of pretty much anything that is guaranteed to save you time.


Whether it be a super-handy ‘How To‘ style blog post, a quick recipe for a nourishing meal, a menu planning system or even just a cool product that cuts ‘doing’ time in half (Zoodler anyone?) – if it saves me time, you can bet yo’ bottom dollar that I’ll be all over it.



Enter Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted – the blogging e-course bought to you by Blog Extraordinaire and Community Building Queen, Rachel MacDonald.


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Mexican Fiesta – Recipe

Mexican Fiesta – Recipe post image



This is a sponsored post by Tefal’s new Jamie Oliver product range.


Anyone who knows me well knows that I freakin’ love to cook – (in fact, I love it so much that I felt it necessary to proclaim it to the world the other day in my recent #10ThingsAboutMe Insta post).


Whether it’s a raw dessert, a Mexican fiesta or a decadent Thai curry – cooking Nourishing Fare is my bag.


It’s my meditation, my ‘time out’ and an intricate part of my daily self-care practice to boot.


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Can Procrastination Be Productive?


As some of you will know, I’m on a bit of a mission with this blog.


A mission to debunk everything you’ve ever thought about time management and productivity.


Most time management theory would tell you that procrastination is unproductive and a waste of time.


But – my Sunday afternoon – an afternoon when I procrastinated, put stuff off and deferred nearly every task possible – tells a different story – a more productive story.


So, can procrastination be productive? Um. Hells to the yes. 


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I Asked Myself “What Do I Need To Express?” And This Was The Answer

What DO I Need To Express



Something ick has been bubbling up inside of me recently.


Not all at once, but little by little, something – unsettling? – has been rising its way up and manifesting in my body. It’s been making me feel all misshapen – all ill fitting and out of sorts.


This kinda stuff isn’t new to me, of course. But this time, I knew something was different – because no amount of journaling, self-enquiry or meditation (my usual tools of the trade) could to shift what was inside of me.


So I asked myself – what do I need to express? Where am I being untruthful? Where am I not walking my talk? And THIS was the answer…

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