101 Time Saving Tips For Busy Women

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Holy Moly. If this post isn’t the Holy Grail of Time Saving Tips, I don’t know what is: 101 Time Saving Tips For Busy Women.


This post is super jam-packed with time saving tips. There’s stuff about cleaning, computer work, the kitchen and more generic productivity tips too.


If  you’ve been looking for some new time saving tips, this is the post for you my love.


Pin it, save it, bookmark it – I don’t want to toot my own horn, but this one is super-uber-crazy useful.


Dive in and E N J O Y.




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How To Simplify Your Life With Kids

How To Simplify Your Life With Kids



*Upfront, true-blue disclaimer: I don’t have kids, so how could I possibly know how to simply your life with them? Well, please trust me when I say: two younger brothers, a stack load of baby sitting and years of working in a Pre School has helped me understand how to simplify your life (with, or without kids). To say I’m experienced with kids is an understatement. 



I was at the supermarket the other day mindlessly stocking up on hair products when I collided (trolley-first) into a woman. A quick scan up and down and I could see that this woman was stressed to her absolute core. There she was – a teeth-clenching, forehead-clawing, eyes-squinting sort of woman—but I knew that underneath that hard exterior she was just a loving mum, trying to get her kids to behave and so she could finish the groceries in peace.


I watched her as she pulled her trolley away in embarrassment, muttering an exasperated ‘sorry’ and even wiping away at her tear-stained cheek. She muddied around after that, wracking her brains, willing herself to remember her grocery list, doubling back to previous aisles to pick up forgotten items – and in that moment I thought to myself – picking up the groceries shouldn’t be that hard.


Yup. Life with kids can be downright stressful (and demanding, and exhausting, and draining) BUT it doesn’t always have to be this way!


You CAN learn how to simplify your life so you don’t have to wind up like that poor woman at the supermarket again.


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Too Much Work And Not Enough Time? 6 Ways To Better Manage Your Time

too much work and not enough time



We’re all busy. We’re all tired. We all have too much work and not enough time.


I’m on a mission to change all that.


Time management doesn’t have to be hard, or boring or mean impossible ninja-like scheduling.


In fact, time management can be fun – and actually feel easy!


I know it’s possible, because I’ve been there and done that – myself.


If you’ve got too much work and not enough time, here are 6 doable time management strategies that aren’t boring, aren’t hard and don’t call for crazy, rigid packed-to-the-brim schedules.

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60 More Travel Lessons From 60 More Days On The Road

60 More Travel Lessons



This is Part Two of my series “60 Travel Lessons From 60 Days On The Road”. This section covers our adventures in Morocco, Qatar, Nepal and India.  



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Signed By Sez – Going Her Own Way Interview Series

Signed By Sez – Going Her Own Way Interview Series post image

I first came across the gorgeous Sarah from Signed By Sez through Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted, a blogging e-course that we’re currently both taking.


After reading just one article, I fell in love with her blog. I think it was her witty writing, hilarious anecdotes and nailing it metaphors that drew me right on in.


I immediately knew she had to be a part of my Going Her Own Way interview series.


So grab yourself a cosy blanket, a cup of something delicious and devour Sarah’s honest, clever and all-round funny answers – I know I did.


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How To Be More Productive At Home

Hoe To Be More Productive At Home

Let’s clear one thing up right the get-go, shall we lovely one?


Productivity does not have to be about working harder – it’s about learning to work smarter.


When you learn to work smarter (and you bet sweet buns that it’s learnable!) everything just seems to flow - a little easier.


Work seems gentler. Things don’t take quite as much time as they usually do. And everything feels ‘on track’.


Sound pretty freaking great, right?


So, let’s dig down a little deeper into this productivity business, shall we? Here are some simple shifts to help you understand how to be more productive at home.



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Spanish Siesta: Time Management Techniques From Around The Globe

Spanish Siesta

A mid-afternoon slumber.


A delicious, dreamy daze.


A gentle pause from the day-to-day.


Just like consuming a delicious morsel of chocolate, a siesta can be a sacred or sinful experience. It can be hidden away – beleaguered with guilt and shame – OR, lovingly embraced as a truly beautiful, soul-enriching experience.


Here’s a radical idea: let’s all take a note out of the Spanish playbook and start thinking about siestas differently – not as a guilty pleasure or an indulgent whim – but as a productive, essential time management technique.


Let’s change our language, shift our thinking and raise a delicate cup of chamomile tea to the empowering Spanish Siesta.


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