How To Be Kind To Yourself

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It’s so damn easy to get into the “I haven’t done enough” headspace.


At least once a week, my inner Mean Girl (aka, the bitch who lives inside my head) kicks in and lets me know that whatever it is I’m working towards, I haven’t done enough of it.


It could be cleaning up, spending time with my Grandma, or even hanging out in this creative playground, but without a doubt, at least some point during the week, Mean Girl-Chloe will pop up, screaming “you need to get your ass back to that computer/sink/rocking chair and keep goiiiiing”.


That’s why it’s time for a cold, hard reality check. Let’s load up.


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Time Blocks: What Are They Anyway?

Time Blocks: What Are They Anyway? post image

You know the feeling.


You’re constantly busy, you’re overwhelmed, you’re always running, running, running from one place to the next.


You’re lethargic, overworked and just plain ol’ tired.


You’ve never got a night free, you’re booked up weeks in advance and you’re not getting anything done at work.


Sure enough, you’ve got a Time Block my lady.


Time Blocks are these nasty little buggers that crop up when you don’t have control over your time – you’re subconsciously creating busyness for yourself.


Sometimes, they manifest in the form of tasks, appointments or one too many catch-ups, but as a whole, a Time Block feels like a big bunch of overwhelm and stuff  – so much stuff it means that you no longer control how much time you actually create.


Let me give you an example of a Time Block in action.


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Cacao Bliss Balls: Recipe

Cacao Bliss Balls: Recipe post image

It’s 3pm. Your eyelids start to droop, your head gets kind of cloudy, your fingers drag clumsily over the keyboard.


You need a fix.




Instinictivley, you reach for a chocolate bar to help pull you through till 5. Mistake. That chocolate bar is sending you nowhere but Sugar Crash Town.


What you need instead, is a sweet pick-me-up that will prop your energy levels back up –  stat!


Enter Bliss Balls.


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Vanilla and Cinnamon Chia Pudding Recipe

Vanilla and Cinnamon Chia Pudding Recipe post image

Hello lover!


Want to know what I down for breakfast every morn? A Chia Pudding!


Chia Puddings are so easy to make, they satisfy my love affair with sweet breakfasts, and fill me up! Chia Puddings now form part of my Morning Routine, but the prep on them has to start the night before.


Chia Seeds have been touted as something of a superfood of late, and sure, they’re amazing nutritiously, but I just like them because they’re delicious!


The seeds are chock-full of protein, gluten free and when mixed with liquid,  gel up into this beautiful, satiating consistency. Mmm!


So, here is a delicious + nutritious healthy Chia Pudding recipe. Let’s dive in + enjoy!


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What’s With The Green Smoothies?

What’s With The Green Smoothies? post image

Green smoothies have been getting a lot of press lately, and it’s easy to see why.


They’re the nutrient-dense, fibre-ladden, green machine, chock full of goodness ready and waiting to energise you like no flat white ever could.


After my initial skepticism, I’ve now become a huge green smoothie convert. Not only do I love what they do for my body, (more energy, glowier skin? Yes please!) but I love how easy they are to make and guzzle down. They’re the perfect snack, an amazing breakfast, and with a few tips + tricks, can also be a fab dessert.


Let’s dive in to green goodness.


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Show Me Your Calendar: I’ll Show You Your Priorities

Show Me Your Calendar: I’ll Show You Your Priorities post image

Health. Happiness. Family. Friends. Our relationship.


When asked “what are your priorities?” the above are some of the most common answers.


I call bullshit.


Want to know what your real priorities are? Take a good, long, honest look at your calendar.


Show me your calendar and I’ll show you your priorities”.


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How To Have More Time

How To Have More Time post image

I’ve always found it funny how people whinge about not having enough time.


You know, the classic “I don’t have time to exercise”, or “If I had more time, I’d definitely cook from scratch every night”, or the old “There just isn’t enough hours in the day!”.


Well honey, it’s time for a TRUTH BOMB:


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