Signed By Sez – Going Her Own Way Interview Series

Signed By Sez – Going Her Own Way Interview Series post image

I first came across the gorgeous Sarah from Signed By Sez through Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted, a blogging e-course that we’re currently both taking.


After reading just one article, I fell in love with her blog. I think it was her witty writing, hilarious anecdotes and nailing it metaphors that drew me right on in.


I immediately knew she had to be a part of my Going Her Own Way interview series.


So grab yourself a cosy blanket, a cup of something delicious and devour Sarah’s honest, clever and all-round funny answers – I know I did.


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How To Be More Productive At Home

Hoe To Be More Productive At Home

Let’s clear one thing up right the get-go, shall we lovely one?


Productivity does not have to be about working harder – it’s about learning to work smarter.


When you learn to work smarter (and you bet sweet buns that it’s learnable!) everything just seems to flow - a little easier.


Work seems gentler. Things don’t take quite as much time as they usually do. And everything feels ‘on track’.


Sound pretty freaking great, right?


So, let’s dig down a little deeper into this productivity business, shall we? Here are some simple shifts to help you understand how to be more productive at home.



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Spanish Siesta: Time Management Techniques From Around The Globe

Spanish Siesta

A mid-afternoon slumber.


A delicious, dreamy daze.


A gentle pause from the day-to-day.


Just like consuming a delicious morsel of chocolate, a siesta can be a sacred or sinful experience. It can be hidden away – beleaguered with guilt and shame – OR, lovingly embraced as a truly beautiful, soul-enriching experience.


Here’s a radical idea: let’s all take a note out of the Spanish playbook and start thinking about siestas differently – not as a guilty pleasure or an indulgent whim – but as a productive, essential time management technique.


Let’s change our language, shift our thinking and raise a delicate cup of chamomile tea to the empowering Spanish Siesta.


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How To Be More Creative (Hint: It Involves Sleep)

How To Be More Creative


Ironically, I’ve sat down to write this post, a post all about how to more creative, what seems like a hundred times before.


And yet, still, the words just never seemed to flow.


They felt awkward. Stilted. A little too snug for my liking.


So eventually, instead of trying to uncreatively force a blog post all about how to be more creative, I just surrendered to my computer.


I simply trusted that the right words would arrive at the right time. I trusted the right keys would be tapped from underneath the right fingertips. I trusted the right message would permeate through the screen.


Because that’s the beautiful, yet heart-achingly frustrating, thing about creativity – it comes in waves.


But, what’s a gal to do if she’s feeling a little less Frida Cahlo and more falling flat creative? Here are some of my favourite ways to ramp up the creative spark when I’m feeling a little run dry.



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13 Afternoon Slump Busters

13 Afternoon Slump Busters

It’s 3:30. Your eyes slowly fall closed, your head tilts awkwardly to one side, your shoulders droop. Your afternoon slump has begun – like clockwork – and all you want to do is tear into one of those Bounty bars sitting in the staffroom’s charity chocolate box.


But don’t reach for that energy-crashing bar of sugar j u s t yet – I’ve got 13 afternoon slump busters that are more likely to have you dancing on your desk than fighting off the doze come 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. Let’s bust that afternoon slump (yeiw!)!



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How To Make Your To Do List Actionable

To Do List

Are you sick of your To Do List?


You know, the endless list of boring, uninspiring tasks that you mindlessly write out day after day?


Not too long ago, I was a slave to my never-ending To Do List.


Until one day I was freakin’ so fed up with my To Do List that I decided to ditch it (shock, horror, gasp!).


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How To Run A Blog When You’re Travelling

Run a blog when you’re travelling

There’s no denying it – running a blog is tough – and it’s a damn sight tougher if you’re travelling or on the move all the time.


But, even though you’re dealing with piggy backing power-point adaptors, desks in the shape of airplane tray tables + WiFi with commitment issues, the good news is – you can run a blog when you’re travelling – you just need to arm yourself with some handy tips to help you make the most of the time (and internet access!) that you ­do have!


So, ready to learn how you can run a blog when you’re travelling? Jump on in sister!



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