Healthy Baked Granola: Recipe

Healthy Baked Granola



I’ve tried a lotta recipes for baked granola, but this one takes the cake – or cereal…


Not only does it promise all of the above, the squeeze of orange juice and sprinkle of zest lifts this baby to a whole. new. level.


In terms of time, this is definitely not the fastest recipe – in fact, the cooking time is about an hour, so if you’re looking for a quick breakfast meal, this baby isn’t your ticket. That being said, you can make this on a languid Sunday afternoon – incense burning, tunes rocking and fresh blooms sitting atop the bench – to last you for the rest of the week. Just don’t blame me if it all disappears within the first day or so. This stuff is seriously heaven.


You want in? Let’s ride.



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The Pomodoro Technique: Time Management Techniques From Around The World

The Pomodoro Technique

Today I want to have a little chatty with you about the Pomodoro Technique. I first came across this gem of a time management tool a few years back, and have been using it (in one way or another) pretty much every day since then. It’s one of my favourite time management techniques because it’s easy – and I don’t just meant easy to understand, but it feels easy – expansive – spacious – unlike a lot of other time management techniques out there.


Now, I won’t pretend that this is new information to you, or that you haven’t heard of something similar before, but what I will say is that sometimes we need a gentle reminder to make sure we’re working productivity and sustainably. The Pomodoro Technique is excellent at achieving just this.


The Pomodoro Technique resonates with me through every fibre of my being.


It’s productivity rooted in self-care.


I hope you can take some parts of this gorgeous technique and let them help you too.



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Download This Free Time Blocking Template For Success

free time blocking template for success



Hola oh gorgeous one! I am so excited to finally introduce you to… The Organised In 30 Minutes Kit!


The Organised in 30 Minutes Kit’s got it all – a free time blocking template for success, a tick + flick grocery list, a STOP doing list, a self-care list, a Driving Your Business Forward list AND a menu planner. (Phew – I’m exhausted just writing all that!)


There is so much free value + power in this kit – I just know you’re going to love it. It’s going to be one of those practical tools you’ll use time + time again, to help you get honest + organised with yourself.


Let’s dive a little deeper + find out more, shall we?



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Things To Do In Chefchaouen

Things To Do In Chefchaouen Blue Walls

Thousands of blue-washed walls. Hundreds of colourful ladies in hijab selling fresh mint. One labyrinth-like medina.


I could never get sick of this smurf-like city – the blue is so calm + serene – and there is always something new to photograph or marvel over.


I wanted to pop in quickly today to share some of Chefchaouen photos + a list of our favourite things to do here. Dive on in gorgeous – the piccies themselves are enough to make you want to jet on over to Morocco!


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60 Travel Lessons I’ve Learnt From 60 Days On The Road

Greece Travel Lessons

To celebrate 60 days on the road, I thought I’d share with you all a list of some travel lessons we’ve learnt. (*hint, they involve food poisoning, karma and never waking up an angry Greek lady from slumber).


Just because we are on an amazing 6 month long wanderlusting adventure, it doesn’t meant it’s all roses + freshly baked Portuguese custard tarts. In fact, there have been some really (really) shit moments.


I’ve been missing my Green Smoothies, my Chia Puddings, I’ve had to change up from my usual Morning Routine and I’ve drunk my more than I care to admit (actually I did admit it. And owned it. You can read all about that here in my travel confessions).


But, I am here to share my experiences with you my darling, so here they are, in a nice long ordered list for you to laugh at, shake your head and nod all too well – 60 travel lessons I’ve learnt from 60 days on the road!

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Why Am I So Tired All The Time?

Why Am I So Tired All The Time?

Ahhh the age-old question: why am I so tired all the time?


You’re doing all the right things – you sleep well, you eat food that nourishes your body + your move your boot-ay a couple of times a week, yet when the alarm sounds in the dim light of a morning, all you want to do is throw your phone out the window.


As a Time Management Coach, I see so many gorgeous creatives out there who are just exhausted – they’re doing all the right things for their health + wellness – but this one is something that merely good health just can’t fix – they have a time management problem.


Don’t get me wrong – holistic time management is about health + wellness yes, but a huge part of the equation is the other stuff – the sometimes boring stuff like scheduling + calendars – all that jazz.


If you’re always tired, but you’re doing all the right things for your health, this article can help you get to the crux of it.

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Going Her Own Way: Sophie Crooks

Going Her Own Way Sophie Crooks

Hola Lovelies!


I am so excited to bring you a brand new interview series called ‘Going Her Own Way’.


This series will be dedicated to inspirational women doing incredible things with their lives + their businesses.


I am deliriously happy that the gorgeous Miss Sophie Crooks has agreed to join us today!


I’ve watched this girl from afar (wow, do I sound like a stalker much!?) in Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Business and Life Academy + she has seriously soared!


Not only is she a radical ambassador for self-love, she’s a graphic design junkie, life coach + all-round fabulous blogger.


Here are her loved-soaked answers to the Going Her Own Way Qs!


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