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On My Lunch Break with Tash Sciotto

On My Lunch Break with Tash Sciotto post image


Back on The Lunch Break Project, I’m stoked to be able to introduce you to Miss Tash Sciotto - dancer, life-lover, writer, traveller, coach and all-round awesome chicka!


Tash is passionate-as-all-hell about helping women create their own version of healthy – she’s not one for fad diets, crazy body-bashing workouts or the latest berry shipped from North Africa – na-huh. She’s more interested in helping people understand their bodies, make choices out of love and do what feel good (um. YES! How great is that!).


Everything about Tash absolutely glows – her website, her words, her Groove classes (if you’ve never Grooved before, make it a priority – stat) and she’s one of the most bright, fun and genuine ladies I’ve ever met. (Did I mention I’m also grateful to be able to call this lovely lady a friend IRL?)


Tash, thank you SO much for being with us today – let’s hang out with you on your lunch break!


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How To Create Boundaries Around Technology

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Apple once said that the beauty of iPads and iPhones would mean that we would be able to work from anywhere.


What they failed to mention, was this:


Once we can work from *anywhere* – we’ll never be ‘uncontactable’ again.



It’s a freakin’ scary thought.



Last year, my partner Chris and I spent six incredible, wanderlusting months travelling this world of ours.


Technology allowed me to blog from Bali, guest post from Granada, kick goals from Kathmandu and type my tooshie off in Turkey.


But, sad as it sounds – in truth – technology kept me sane.



It kept me in contact with my family. It allowed me to share my thoughts and experiences with my loved ones. It allowed me to still feel *connected* – even though at our furthest most point, I was precisely 17,803 kilometres away from home.


Now’s this for connected: at one point, I was even Instagramming a photo of the Sahrara Desert while I was riding atop a camel.


Yup. Technology is a pervasive beast.



But, in a world when technology is so omnipresent – so ‘everywhere’ – how do we even begin to go about creating boundaries for ourselves?


Here are some of the things I’ve been trying to do lately (or have been meaning to do! Nothing like a bit of public accountability for real, actionable change!) to create boundaries for myself in this arena.


I hope these little sneak peeks into my life can help you learn how to create boundaries around technology.


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On My Lunch Break With Sarah Jensen

On My Lunch Break With Sarah Jensen_The Lunch Break Project



Ahhhh alignment – it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.


And I can tell you that since transitioning my blog firmly into ‘The Lunch Break Project’, I’ve never felt more aligned with this blog and message o’ mine. It’s a sweet, sweet feeling.


And to celebrate alignment, direction and new-found clarity, I wanted to re-introduce my interview series, albeit with a slightly different name and theme – ‘On My Lunch Break’. 


In this series we’re going to be talking to rad women (think: solo-preneurs, coaches, mums, ambitious working gals) who though are time-poor, are still doing a beautiful job of balancing life, work and play (because really, that’s what this whole thing is all about, #amIright?).


On My Lunch Break will be a beautiful opportunity to peek behind the curtain and peer into other ladies lives. This series will answer the ever elusive ‘how do they do it?’ question.

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7 Simple Steps To Get On Top Of Your Emails – (Once And For All)

7_Simple_Steps_To_Get On_Top_Of_Your_Emails_The_Lunch_Break_Project_Chloe_Thea



Emails – you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.
Anyone else have a real love-hate relationship with these pocket-sized electronic letters?


*Raises hand*


On one hand, I am so profoundly grateful for email – connecting with beautiful souls from around the world, keeping in contact with family while travelling, my beautiful teleworking arrangement with my current 9-5 job – all wouldn’t be possible without email.


And on the other hand, I can never seem to get away from the damn things.


: : On the train. At home. On my phone. During my lunch break.


Ugh. The constant contact makes me feel ick and full and so necessary.


Though I’m still trying to tame the email beast (truth be told, it’s an attention-hungry creature that thrives off constant love, trimming and responsiveness) but in the name of expansiveness, I wanted to share with you 7 simple steps to get on top of your emails – one folder at a time.


Note: Though this post could be shoved in the ‘kind of boring’, admin, stuffy box – it can also be uber useful – if you let it. 


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How To Stay Energised In The Office

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As much as I ADORE the internet and all it has given me (this online platform being one, access to a trillion raw dessert recipes being another), I really freakin’ HATE how my body feels after being at a computer all day.


Hunched shoulders. Stagnant hips. Oncoming tension headache. Strained Eyes.


Sound familiar?


If you’ve ever had a job where you’ve been required to sit at a computer for 90% of the time, then you’ll feel me. (And if you’re like pretty much anyone I know, you’ll come home and spend more time in front of a screen too – whether that’s blogging, researching, studying or just even chilling out and watching the latest ep of Orange Is The New Black).


That’s why it’s more important than EVEr to make sure that you’re m-o-v-i-n-g the stagnant energy in your body so you can stay energised in the office.


(BONUS: These tips may make you a nicer human being in the process!).



The 5 Minute Dinner – Tuna Nicoise Salad

The Five minute Dinner_Chloe Thea_The Lunch Break Project

Dinner in 5 minutes – pfft, yeah right…


WRONG – it can be done!!


Give me 5 minutes and just a handful of fresh ingredients, I guarantee you’ll have a delicious, nutritious meal – a Tuna Nicoise Salad – sitting on your countertop in basically no time (bonus points if you can pour  yourself a glass of white in that time frame, too).


Now, this isn’t a strict Tuna Nicoise Salad, it’s an abridged version – but it’s ranks very highly on the Healthy and Tasty scale.


Your 5 minute dinner starts…NOW!


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Welcome to The Lunch Break Project

The Lunch Break Project Announcement | Chloe Thea



For a little while now (probably a tad longer than I’d like to admit!) things have been feeling a little ‘icky’ around here. This space o’ mine had felt off, misshapen and too far from my truth.


I’d been struggling – big time – with how to get clear on my message, my purpose and my direction with this online space.


Did I need to journal more? Declutter my wardrobe? (Undoubtably one of the most underrated tools on the planet BTW!). Dance myself out of my rut? OR – maybe did I just needed to trust the process?


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